24 before 24

Photographed by Amy Zhang
Photographed by Amy Zhang

It was my 23rd birthday just a couple of days ago and shortly before midnight, my roommate asked me a question I’ve never been asked before: What do you want to achieve in within your next year of life? One might think this would be quite a common question, but especially recently everyone just asked me about my plans for my career etc. So I thought, maybe it’s time to think of wishes and plans that have nothing to do with my career and that’s how I came up with this list. There are quite a few career things on the list (I can’t help it!), but a lot more personal things:

  1. donate blood  ✓
  2. donate plasma
  3. visit my grandpa  ✓
  4. take the GREs for grad school  ✓
  5. get accepted to grad school
  6. improve my Spanish/ finish my duolingo class
  7. finish my online programming class  ✓
  8. take an online computer science class at Stanford  ✓
  9. successfully write my Master Thesis  ✓
  10. see a ballet I’ve never seen before  ✓
  11. see the Chippendales  ✓
  12. finish a Jillian Michaels fitness challenge
  13. go to Cannstadter Wasen (the less touristy version of Oktoberfest)
  14. see one of my best friends getting married
  15. successfully continue my blog
  16. invest in a new camera
  17. pick up photography again
  18. visit Amsterdam
  19. go to Turkey and visit friends
  20. finally make a photo book about my year abroad
  21. read at least five books   ✓
  22. start dancing again
  23. participate in a 5K (at least) run
  24. visit at least one museum  ✓

Feel free to share your list!

Yours, Juliet.

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