100 Things to do in Berlin – Berlin Bucket List

Hi everyone,
since school started already for me, I am back in Berlin now. I have a love-hate relationship with this city. The winters are horrible, the summers are awesome, and it is always stressful for me. In order to turn this love-hate relationship into a love-love relationship and to make the most of my (probably) last year in this beautiful city, I decided to come up with a Berlin bucket list. Some of the things are already checked off, but I wanted to share them with you anyways. Maybe this list is helpful for any Berlin bound travelers. Enjoy!

  1. Brandenburger Tor ✓
  2. Berliner Dom ✓
  3. Rotes Rathaus (red city hall) ✓
  4. Gendarmenmarkt ✓
  5. Eastside Gallery/ Berlin Wall ✓
  6. Oberbaum Bridge ✓
  7. Reichstag ✓
  8. Hackesche Höfe ✓
  9. World Clock at Alexanderplatz ✓
  10. Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church ✓
  11. See a Concert in the Berliner Dom ✓
  12. Eat at the restaurant in the TV tower
  13. Enjoy the city from the top of the Park Inn Hotel ✓
  14. Spend a Sunday in summer at Mauerpark, with its flea market, street food, and open air karaoke ✓
  15. Celebrate May Day in Kreuzberg ✓
  16. Fête de la musique ✓
  17. Pride parade ✓
  18. Escape Game ✓
  19. Wannsee (a beautiful and big lake)
  20. Krumme Lanke (also a lake) ✓
  21. Botanical Garden ✓
  22. Zoo  ✓
  23. Aquarium
  24. Go to the Berlin Opera ✓
  25. Topography of Terror (Museum)  ✓
  26. Checkpoint Charlie ✓
  27. Holocaust Memorial ✓
  28. Museum of Photography
  29. Street Food Market/ Breakfast Market at Markthalle Neun ✓
  30. Festival of Lights ✓
  31. Berlin Halfmarathon
  32. Spree park (abandoned amusement park) ✓
  33. Teufelsberg
  34. Charlottenburg Palace ✓
  35. Sanssouci Palace ✓
  36. Berghain (one of the world’s best techno clubs, according to the Rolling Stone)
  37. Badeschiff Berlin
  38. Klunkerkranich (amazing outdoor/ rooftop bar)
  39. Lange Nacht der Museen (one ticket, 77 museums, and the whole night to discover them)  ✓
  40. Join one of the free walking tours
  41. Carnival of Cultures
  42. Shop at Unverpackt (unwrapped)
  43. Catch a movie at the Berlinale  ✓
  44. Museum der unerhörten Dinge (Museum with weird and random things)
  45. Natural History Museum
  46. Go up into the glass dome on top of the Reichstag Building at night
  47. Bellevue Palace ✓
  48. Kite-surfing at Tempelhofer Freiheit (former airport turned into a gigantic park)
  49. Christmas Markets all around the city (especially at Gendarmenmarkt and in front of the Charlottenburg Palace) ✓
  50. Shopping at Mall of Berlin ✓
  51. Flowmarkt Nowkölln (up and coming flea market)
  52. Anything that happens at Neue Heimat ✓
  53. Gärten der Welt (World Gardens)
  54. Asparagus festival Beelitz
  55. Go climbing at BergWerk Berlin
  56. Go on a bike tour along the wall
  57. Park Gleisdreieck
  58. Peacock Island
  59. Potsdam  ✓
  60. Olympic Stadion ✓
  61. Rose Garden, Humboldthain
  62. Kaufhaus des Westens (biggest and oldest department store) ✓
  63. Nikolaiviertel (one of the oldest neighborhoods in Berlin) ✓
  64. AquaDom inside the RadisonBlu ✓
  65. Treptower Park with its Soviet War Memorials ✓
  66. Go for a free lunchtime chamber music concert at Berliner Philharmonie
  67. Grunewald Forest
  68. Go dancing at Clärchens Ballhaus ✓
  69. Eat Kebab at Mustafa’s ✓ (sooo many times)
  70. Open air movie theater or maybe the open air whirlpool movie theater
  71. Take cruise on the spree ✓
  72. Tiergarten ✓
  73. Sit in one of Berlin’s wine gardens (that’s right: wine, not beer!) ✓
  74. Join the Macbook club and take in the hipster atmosphere at cafe St. Oberholz ✓
  75. Make use of Thrillist’s subway/ bar map 
  76. Do the Ringbahn drinking game
  77. Eat at Solar restaurant
  78. Join a dance party in one of the subways stations
  79. Ride the 100 bus (best for sight seeing – there is no need to pay for the expensive city tour busses) ✓
  80. Shop around Weinmeisterstraße ✓
  81. Shopping on Kurfürstendamm ✓
  82. Street Art tour (well there is no official one, but I am trying to put one together)
  83. Eat all gluten free/ lactose free/ vegetarian/ vegan all the time ✓
  84. LGBT Memorial in Tierpark
  85. Climb up the Victory Column ✓
  86. Club der Visionäre (another big club in Berlin)
  87. Have a beer at brokers bierbörse – they don’t have set prices for the beer, the price changes depending on supply and demand
  88. Garden Yoga at Prinzessinnengarten
  89. Do gardening at Prinzessinengarten
  90. Ice cream festival
  91. Eat at Burgermeister and Burgeramt
  92. DDR Museum  ✓
  93. Pergamon Museum
  94. Old National gallery
  95. Old Museum
  96. New Museum
  97. Bode Museum  ✓
  98. German history museum
  99. Watch a movie at Sony Center ✓
  100. Stroll down „Unter den Linden” ✓

And finally, for your pinning adventure:

100 Things to Do in Berlin

What are your favorite things to do in Berlin?

Yours, Juliet

(All photos are my own)

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