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so I accidentally got nominated for the Liebster Awards twice. Don’t worry I won’t talk you through the whole procedure again, I feel like that is too much. However, Lisa from came up with a set of really cool questions that I couldn’t pass on answering. And since they’re pretty much all related to travel, I thought you guys might be interested too.

Enjoy the storytime!

1. Where do you get your inspiration from when you write your blogs?
Mostly from my trips that I did without having my blog in mind, scrolling through my old travel photos, or just from walking around the city (usually on my way back from work).
2. Where has been your favorite place to travel too? Why?
This is such an incredibly hard question! I think I’m going with the US, because this nation has so much to offer to travellers. You can travel through all kinds of landscapes and climate zones, get to know so many different cultures and you can have a complete change of scenery within one day. The latter is what I experienced during my last spring break (yay!). We started out partying in the desert heart of Arizona, drove through the Joshua Tree Park and then ended up in the snowy Sequoia National Park. Fun times!
3. What is that one comfort food you look for when you are in a foreign country? (can be a restaurant or an actual dish)
I have never actually done that – looking for any kind of comfort food. In general, I am the happiest when I get to eat, but I’m not very picky. So no comfort food necessary. For me, way more important is a drink. And it is (*drumroll*) sparkling water. I pretty much hate soda, and I usually only drink plain water if I’m close to dehydration. Of course I can get used to it, but especially while I lived in the States, I treated myself to a bottle of sparkling water every then and now.
4. If you could speak any language, what language would it be? Can you currently speak that language?
That would be Spanish or French for me. I do speak a little of both, but if I could become fluent in either of them over night, I would be a happy camper.
5. What is one embarrassing experience that you have gone through in your travels? (That you would like to share.)
Actually using the motion sickness bags on an airplane. Yes, that happened to me (multiple times on that one flight), but not due to motion sickness but to the stomach flu. Having everyone watching you puke in a small bag and then having to carry it to the next receptacle was one of the less fun moments of my travels.
6. What advice would you give someone. who was just starting to plan for their first long distance travel?
Plan ahead. A lot of travelers might cringe right now, but when you’re on your first big trip you want to have the basics figured out. At least the main route of transportation and a place to sleep at for the first days.
7. Are you a hostel, hotel, or resort kind of person?
I am definitely a hostel or airbnb person when it comes to traveling because both make it so much easier to meet fellow travelers and to get tips from locals and like-minded people. But I also don’t mind a resort if the main purpose of a trip is relaxing and having a vacation.
10. What are 3 things you have learned about yourself, through your travels?
That I am a passionate planner, I can very well travel by myself, and that I might not be the person to do years of traveling all around the globe, since eventually I’ll start to miss my job and my bed.
11. What is one item you can’t live without when you are traveling?
I always need some sort of camera with me.

What would your answers be? Feel free to answer them as well 🙂

Yours, Juliet

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