10 Things to do in Phoenix, Arizona

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while I am super busy this week preparing for my Biochemistry GRE, I found the wonderful Mariah from staywithmeonthis.com, who offered to help me out by writing a guest post on this blog.


Mar is a recent graduate from Arizona State University, a proud supporter of the Devils, and blogs about planners, DIY’s, makeup, fitness and random life adventures. Today she will be telling you about the top 10 things to do in Phoenix, Arizona. Enjoy!

Phoenix is the capital of the WildWest state of Arizona. What we lack in greenery and snow, we make up for in inventive ways to have fun! Almost all of our bodies of water are man made, but that doesn’t stop us from getting out of the house year round! We have a population of approximately 3.5 million, and its really diverse! This means we’ve got something for you to do no matter your tastes!

1. Hike one of our many mountain peaks!
The great thing about being in a valley is that there are tons of mountains! From the infamous Camelback mountain the tamer Pinnacle Peak trail, there’s bound to be a climb that suits your needs! Just do us all a favor and don’t touch the wildlife, or the plants for that matter!

Photo Credit: http://stay-elevatedd.tumblr.com/
Photo Credit: http://stay-elevatedd.tumblr.com/

2. Try our food!
Arizona has the best Mexican food outside of Mexico. We even have an annual Taco Festival! Because of our diverse population we also have a great array of sushi restaurants, Greek food, and Italian restaurants! Downtown Phoenix has all of these eateries and they’re all in walking distance of each other! If you don’t want to walk you can always take our awesome lightrail as well!

Photo Credit: staywithmeonthis.com
Photo Credit: staywithmeonthis.com

3. Visit one of our Native American sites!
The Hohokam Pima National Museum is certainly a sight to behold. Arizona has one of the largest populations of Native Americans in the country, and their culture is everywhere. There are dozens of locations around the state paying homage to these people. If you come with an open mind, and a great deal of respect you will certainly learn a lot about these people and Phoenix!

4. Go horseback riding!
Do you want to feel like a real cowboy!? Horseback riding is a great way to see the beauty in the desert! There are many businesses that thrive on visitors taking horses for a spin. Don’t worry you get a guide so you won’t be having your own 127 Hours experience. I can’t imagine a more romantic evening than taking in a famous Arizona sunset while riding a beautiful animal! If you’re looking for a list of great horseback riding places look no further!

5. Pick up some clubs and go golfing!
Golfing has a huge following in Arizona! Since we don’t get snow, or any type of weather really, the greens are always beautiful! Almost every suburb of Phoenix boasts a handful of golfing locations you can try out. And don’t worry! Many of them have clubs you can rent for the evening! If you’re more of a bar-goer you can try out the Topgolf in Scottsdale. It mixes golfing with a more upbeat atmosphere and killer food!

6. Butterfly Garden
Scottsdale recently put in a Butterfly garden and it’s absolutely beautiful! It’s on the smaller side, but it makes up for it with its amazing array of insects! Get brunch in old town Scottsdale and then head to this beautiful display of nature!

Butterfly Garden

7. Go see an ASU game!
I’m a SunDevil Alumni, so I could be biased, but if you’re a visitor on the younger side there’s nothing better than spending the day on Mill Avenue and catching an Arizona State University game! Give ‘em hell Devils! Mill Avenue is a historic road that has an old time Mill on it, plus many bars and shopping opportunities! Mix that with one of the largest public universities in the nation and you’re bound to have a good time!

Devil Pride

8. Visit one of our many museums!
Phoenix has a lot of unique museums. We boast the Hall of Flame Museum for firefighters and first responders, the infamous Arizona Science Center, and (my favorite) the Musical Instrument Museum. The MIM hosts instruments from all over the world! They have unique acoustic rooms that are sure to blow your mind.

9. Go to the state fair!
If you’re lucky enough to visit our city after the 100+ degree weather subsides, you should definitely check out the state fair! In town from mid October to early November, the fair is hours of fun. Tip: Try the deep fried snicker, you won’t regret it! Here’s another tip: If you look on their website you can often find deals on entry fees! Usually arriving before 2PM, or bringing in canned goods will save you a few bucks. I recommend going at night for a real spectacle of lights

State Fair

10. First Friday
This is probably my favorite low budget activity for the weekend! The first Friday of every month, the downtown corridor becomes a huge party for artists! There are countless galleries, stores and roadside sellers of art. There is also a decent selection of food trucks if that’s your type of thing! Just know that the roads are hectic so I recommend parking near the downtown campus of ASU and walking! Pick up a local work of art- you’ll be glad you did!

11. BONUS! Go north to Sedona or Flagstaff!
Our Northern neighbors are a popular hotspot for natives and visitors alike. Sedona boasts beautiful red mountains and changing leaves that are stunning! Admittedly they change a little late in the season, but what can you expect from a state that routinely sees 115 degree weather?

Photo Credit: Instagram @lexirae3294
Photo Credit: Instagram @lexirae3294

So with all these options, we’d love if you come visit our city! If you’ve got an adventurous spirit you’ll find something up your alley!

Stay Sunny <3

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10 Things to do in Phoenix, Arizona


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