My holiday gift guide for travel enthusiasts


Hi everyone,

the holidays are right around the corner and if you are like me when it comes to holiday gift shopping (always waiting to the last minute), these ideas of gifts for your traveler friends might come in handy for you. Enjoy!

  1. Headphones: I personally think small ones are a lot better for travel than any chunky ones, but, of course, everyone has different preferences. These are from PhunkeeTree at Nordstrom Rack
  2. The cb2 Cork Globe: This is quite an expensive gimmick, but such a great idea! With different colored pins, your favorite travel enthusiast can mark bucket list locations as well as places he or she has already been to.
  3. Scratch world map: The scratch map is another beautiful item to help keep track of your travels and perfect for the smaller budget. I have been meaning to get one for myself for a long time now.
  4. Traveller Backpack: If you’re on a bigger budget for the Christmas present for your favorite traveler, you could opt for a new backpack. However, my advice would be to take the happy person with you and let them pick it out themselves. These backpacks have to fit like shoes.
  5. Ultra light and ultra small neck pillow: So far I have only heard good things about this neck pillow. It is supposed to be super comfortable, adjustable and foldable. Therefore, it is perfect for traveling. I will definitely get this one before my next long haul flight.
  6. Sleeping mask: This one is a staple for every traveler. I like to browse Etsy for that. There are so many cute, elegant and cool designs for both the princesses and the princes.
  7. Travel-friendly hair and body care: With all the liquid restrictions on airplanes, I find it the easiest to limit the liquids that I have to take with me for hair and body care. My favorite picks are from Lush, but I am sure they are also gentlemen approved. Lush offers solid shampoos (try Seanik), conditioner (Jungle), and toothpaste in solid tabs (toothy tabs).
  8. Foldable sunglasses: Last but not least. Foldable sunglasses are just so handy when traveling. I own a pair of foldable Ray Ban wayfarers, which are not the cheapest and maybe you don’t want to risk losing them. But the slapsee glasses (created after the 90s slap on bracelets) are super awesome and super affordable.
  9. Books: They are not always great for the time of traveling itself, but definitely great to come home to. I love the big selection of travel-related books from Lonely Planet. Check them out here.
  10. The Q&A five year journal: I am really bad at keeping a journal, but I love the idea of being able to look back with the help of a little book. The Q&A journal is the perfect book to help with journaling. It has 365 different questions that you can answer on the same day for five years and see how your answers change over time.
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Holiday gift guide for traveller
What are your favorites? What are you giving to your travel-enthusiastic friends?
Yours, Juliet
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