My year in travel – 2015

Hi everyone,
as this year is certainly coming to an end, I want to look back for a minute or two and remember all the fun things that I did and discovered this year. Hope you’re joining me on the ride!

4 new and foreign cities, 3 new capitals and 3 new countries. (And so much more.)

I can’t even tell you, which of the trips I found most exciting. They were all awesome and I got to discover new things everywhere. However, my trip through Denmark to Oslo in Norway was special, since I got to meet up with so many of my international friends along the way. Since I have so much to tell you about this trip, I am still working on individual blog posts about each of the cities that I saw. I will, of course, link them here as soon as they’re up. The post about Copenhagen is already up. You can find it here.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Nyhavn is probably to most photographed spot in Copenhagen

My friend and I stayed here for a long weekend. We enjoyed the city and walking around in it endlessly. It is a beautiful city, that I would recommend going to at any time. My personal highlight were all the whimsical statues from fairytales and legends that had their origin in the city or were written by Hans Christian Andersson like the little mermaid.


Aarhus, Denmark

Feeding deer in a park in Aarhus.

I went to Aarhus primarily to visit a dear friend of mine. However, the city is really beautiful and has a lot to offer. The beach was magical, downtown cute, and the museum of modern art impressive.


Oslo, Norway

The view over a part of Oslo from Holmenkollen.

Oslo was a very pleasant surprise for me. I expected a cute Northern city and discovered and elegant, cool metropolis with a brand new skyline and a very hipster art area. This city and all of my friends living here were what inspired my Scandinavia trip in the first place.


London, England

My attempt to catch something like a London Skyline.

London was a typical bucket list item for me. Since I might move to the US within the next year, I am trying to see all of my bucket list cities in Europe. Although I will certainly come back to Germany to visit family and will probably also spend the majority of my adult life there, I am trying to see lots of things while I can still travel freely. Anyway, London was awesome but terribly crowded. If you want to know more, check out my blog post on this trip.


Day trips to

10 Things to Do in Heidelberg - Philosophenweg
View from the Philosopher’s Walk by David Fisher – Creative Commons

Maybe, mentioning this one is cheating since Heidelberg is basically where I am from and where I studied. But I had so many friends visiting this summer, that I had the opportunity to discover the city over and over again. If you are interested in visiting Heidelberg, check out my blog post about it here!



2015-11-21 15.25.47

Potsdam was not new to me either, but last time I went was six years ago and in summer. This time, it was freezing cold and raining, unfortunately. Still, we got to see a lot of the city and had our first Glühwein of the winter season. Oh, I went with an Australian and an American friend who are studying abroad, btw.



by David Kirsch –  Creative Commons

The trip to Quedlinburg was slightly uncomfortable for me, as it was a three-hour bus ride one way. Again, I was hanging out with my American and Australian friends who are studying abroad here. Our main motivation for visiting this UNESCO world heritage town was their amazing Christmas market that is spread over the whole town.


Events in Berlin

Pride Parade


The Pride Parade in Berlin this year was my first pride parade ever and I loved it. Since I was crazily hungover I didn’t really party a lot, but I enjoyed the great atmosphere and the amazing outfits.


Lange Nacht der Museen

The “Long night of the museums” is one of my favorite events. One night in the whole year, most of the museums of Berlin are open until 2 or 3 am and you can get one ticket to visit all of them. An amazing plus is that there is booze sold in the museums and you can get free tours as well. I ticked a bunch of places off my bucket list that night and got even more ideas about where to go next time.


Berlin Marathon
The Berlin Marathon is another big event for the city. On Saturday, the rollerblading marathon happens and on Sunday, the actual running marathon takes place. I had to friends participating in both, so naturally I was super stoked to watch the whole thing. I might try to join the rollerblading marathon next year, too.


What I have planned for next year:
First of all, there is my trip to Portugal. Technically I am still starting it in 2015, but the majority of it will happen in January so I decided that it counts. Together with a travel buddy, I will visit some friends and spend New Years Eve in Porto and then travel further to Lisbon to enjoy the city for a couple of days before returning home. On my way back, I am hoping to stop in Zürich for at least a day and visit another friend in Ulm, Germany.

Besides that, I, unfortunately, have no further trips planned. This is mostly due to the fact, that I will start working on my master thesis in February, graduate six months later, and potentially start my PhD shortly afterwards. Especially the latter might bring a move to another city or even another country along, which makes it hard to plan big trips. However, it is my friends last semester in Germany and she has still so many destinations within Germany on her bucket list, that we will try to tick off. Additionally, I really hope that I can squeeze in a weekend in Amsterdam and/or Prague, but we will see 😉 And there are always enough events in Berlin to go to if I won’t have the time to travel. I am really hoping that I can make it to the Carnival of Cultures this year.

What trips did you take this year, what are your plans for the next?

x, Juliet

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