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I am constantly looking for the next book to read, especially before my next trip. I hope some of you feel the same, because I have collected my favorite travel-related books of all time for you. I hope, you’ll enjoy them as much as I did. Let me know, which books are your favorites 🙂

  1. Bill Bryson, Notes from a small Island (Reif für die Insel): This is the first travel-related book I have ever read, which is probably why it is so dear to me. I got it from my great uncle after telling him about planning my first ever solo trip, which I wanted to spend in the UK. After reading this book, I wanted to reread it immediately and plan out the exact same itinerary that Bill Bryson followed as he traveled around the UK. This trip never happened, but it definitely stoked my excitement for travel. It would recommend it to anyone, who is interested in the UK and intrigued by Bill Bryson’s exquisite style of writing.
  2. Dan Kieran, The Idle Traveler: The Art of Slow Travel: I randomly came across this book on one of my long afternoons at my favorite book store in Berlin. I had never heard of the author Dan Kieran, but I immediately loved his message. As the author is uncomfortable with flying, he resorts to slower ways of traveling, such as trains and busses, and shows the reader howmuch more intense and exciting traveling can be. Definitely an inspirational read!
  3. Cheryl Strayed, Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail: I guess this one is quite mainstream, although I had the book on my reading list before anyone decided to turn it into a movie. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I would strongly recommend reading the book, using one’s imagination to see the landscape and suffer along with Cheryl. I am not sure, I am cut out for a trip like Cheryl’s, but this book definitely inspired me to at least give hiking a try.
  4. Patricia Schultz, 1000 places to see before you die: This one is probably very famous and pretty self-explanatory. Although it is probably not the right book to read from cover to cover, it provides endless inspiration for everyone who writes their bucket list. Before I go on a trip, I usually take a look into the book and see if there is anything I should add to my trip. It is also always fun to check, which of the places one has already seen.And finally, two tips for all the German speakers/ learners out there, since these books are, unfortunately, only available in German:
  5. Michael Wigge, Ohne Geld bis ans Ende der Welt: The concept of Michael Wigge’s trip is exciting and scary at the same time. For a german television documentary, he travels from Hamburg to the Antarctica without a dime in his pockets. He works on a ship, hitchhikes and walks a lot, and he didn’t plan any of his steps ahead. Unfortunately, the book is written quite superficial and it was over way to fast, but it is definitely inspirational.
  6. Sigrid Bonkowski and Marion Schuckart, Australien ruft Südheide: This book is a collection of letters and emails exchanged between two friends, one of them living in a tiny village in Northern Germany with her family, the other one living the adventure in Australia. Although not a travel book per se, it is very relatable for everyone who knows the sensation of Fernweh and, in addition, it is a heart-warming story about long-distance friendship.


What are your favorite travel-related books? I am always looking for recommendations for the next book to read.

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Yours, Juliet

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