Photo Walk: Sutro Baths & Lands End, SF

Hi everyone,
the weekend was super rainy here in Southern Germany, which gave me the perfect opportunity to whip out my hard drive, browse through my old photos, and have a little photo editing party. Of course, I could have also worked on the presentation for my final exam but why would I?

After recently publishing my San Francisco/ Bay Area bucket list, I felt the need to show you some of the list items that I have personally seen/ done before. The rainy grey outside my window reminded me of that one day that I decided to go and hike the Sutro Baths/ Lands end trail in San Francisco. It was super grey and foggy that day (what a surprise) and initially I was somewhat disappointed but in the end, it made for some quite dramatic photos.

Cliffhouse, San Francisco

The Lands End trail is part of the Golden Gate National Parks Conversancy and leads you along the North-Western part of the city featuring dramatic cliffs, plenty of fog, and a view of the Golden Gate Bridge. I started my walk from Ocean Beach (because that’s pretty much where I lived) and made my way past the Cliffhouse first.


Cliffhouse II, SF

The Cliffhouse has accumulated quite a history. The building today is at least the fifth in this very spot and is home to a nice restaurant today. Standing next to it (or dining inside) you have beautiful views over the seal rocks (that were pretty seal-less that day) and over the former Sutro baths.

Sutro Baths, SF

The Sutro baths were the largest indoor swimming pool establishment when they opened in 1896 under Adolf Sutro, a former major of San Francisco and apparently quite the rich guy as he also owned the Cliffhouse at that time. The Sutro Baths burned down eventually and today you can basically just see the fundaments, which remind me personally of some Roman ruins. Past Sutro Baths is where the Lands End trail technically begins and you get to enjoy the rough cliffs and beautiful nature surrounding you.


Lands End, SF

Labyrinth, Lands End, SF

Following the Lands End trail, you will eventually find this stone labyrinth created by Eduardo Aguilera in 2004 as an item of meditation. For me, it feels and looks like the stones were there for much longer, though. This is also the first spot with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge but as usual, the view can be obscured by Karl the Fog. Don’t stop your hike here but continue until you reach the next cliff that reaches a little further into the ocean for an even better view.

Golden Gate Bridge, SF

View of the Golden Gate Bridge

The hike is about three miles long (out and back) and very easy. However, only the first part is wheelchair and stroller accessible, then some stairs, rocks, and tree trunks will be in your way. Find out more about this hike here. Hope you enjoyed reviving this little adventure with me!

Yours, Juliet

PS: The editing of the photos is not always on point. Some of the photos have been edited over two years ago by a much more inexperienced me. Sorry about that, I am still learning! All photos except for the last one are mine. The last one has been taken by my dear friend CKB. Camera: Nikon D70s; software: Adobe Photoshop & Lightzone.


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