My Wishlist: Conscious clothing

Hi everyone,

I never was a fashion blogger and I never will be. My sense for fashionable outfits is pretty weak and I usually wear casual and comfy outfits. Nonetheless, I enjoy picking out new clothes, especially online. After reading a lot about the zero-waste and other environmentally-friendly movements, I was looking for conscious clothing choices especially. Here are my current favorites!

  1. TOMS: Grey Chambray Polka Dot Women’s Classics  – these shoes are vegan and for one pair purchased they give one pair to a child in need.
  2. Armed Angels: Scarlett Flying High – Armed Angels is a fair trade and ecological clothing brand located in Germany. They ship pretty much anywhere, but that is not really what the brand is going for as it goes against being ecological. I have been researching ecological clothing brands in other countries as well and will be posting about them soon as well. Anyways, Armed Angels has just the cutest Tshirts. Their prints are pretty minimal and timeless and never go out of style.
  3. Armed Angels: Luise Parka
  4. MUD Jeans: Skinny Lily – Pure Blue – MUD Jeans is an Australian company that strives to close the cycle of their denim pants. They are made of organic and fair trade cotton and you have the option to just lease a pair of pants and send them back after a while. That way you can always have the latest pair of jeans. The returned jeans are sold as vintage items.
  5. TOMS: Cinnamon Suede Cosmopolitan Tote – genuine leather and a donation for a safe birth for a mother in need.
  6. Birkenstock: Mayari – Birkenstocks are made from very high-quality material and pretty much last forever

What are your favorite conscious buys?


Yours, Juliet

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