Expat Life: I am moving to the US in five days

Hi everyone,
today I have something slightly different for you. I usually don’t post a lot about my private life (other than my travels). However, since I am slowly but surely transitioning into an expat life for graduate school, I decided I would give personal blogging a try. In case, you have missed the update, I am moving to the US! I wanted to share with you guys, what is happening in my life in rather short simple posts. So I guess this is the start of a new series and a new category on this blog.

As the title already revealed, I have only five days left until I am hopping on a plane and moving to the San Francisco Bay Area for four + years.

What is already organized:

– I have canceled my apartment and found a new tenant.
– I have found and rented a room in Santa Cruz.
– I arranged all the flights and the transportation to and from the airports.
– I have already said goodbye to my family about a week ago when I had to go back to Berlin.
– The majority of things for school are organized as well.

What is happening in the last five days before I am moving:

First of all, the packing: I am not moving my entire belongings to the US. I am only taking two suitcases full of clothing and other bits and pieces with me. So when I headed home for summer, I already cleared out most of the stuff from my apartment and brought it home leaving only one full suitcase (or so I thought). So when I came back from my summer vacation and brought my second full suitcase I thought all was well. Turned out I had left quite a few things unpacked though including my winter coat and last week I also got a couple more birthday gifts (a 1000+ page travel guide and a mug) that now also need to go into my suitcase. So I am currently in the process of test packing everything again and then probably sending stuff back to my parent’s place.

Secondly, my final exam, the defense presentation of my Master Thesis is on Wednesday. Oh my, am I nervous about this and I just hate the general timing of it all. The day after, I still have to go back to University and get my degree during a tiny little ceremony and then finally. After that, I have only one more day before I fly out to San Francisco on Saturday. I have to move into my new place on Sunday and have to start at my new university on Monday. So I won’t have any time to battle the jet lag. But alas, I am still super excited for the new experience.

All the emotions…

The thought of moving away for four + years is still frightening even though I have been abroad before. So I am currently focussing on little steps at a time. Like making it through this year first, making it to summer next year when one of my best friends and then my parents will visit, and then making it to Christmas next year when I’ll hopefully have time to go home for a few weeks.

As I said earlier, next Monday will be my first day at the new university, so I really can’t promise a blog post next week. I will try and work ahead (maybe on the plane), but I still have loads of other stuff to do. I’ll keep you posted!


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