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Hi everyone,

After researching all about natural beauty products and the zero waste movement in the last couple of weeks and months, I decided to get my toes wet in the world of natural beauty products. And what better way to do that than with a subscription box? They bring a selection of carefully curated products right to your doorstep. So I stumbled upon the eco-friendly Yuzen box and decided to test it out. The mission of the Yuzen box is to bring natural and healthy products to you, that allow you to find your little piece of zen in your everyday life. All the items are carefully picked by Jen and Ted, who got their inspiration for this box on their travels through Asia.

The box arrived after my first (and very stressful week) of my new grad school. Awesome timing! So I unpacked the box immediately and started testing the products for a couple of weeks.

The box is available as a quarterly subscription and the boxes are themed for each season (I am showing you the fall box). One box is 33$ and this one contained 7 products with a total value of about 81$, which is such a great deal. 

Although I couldn’t really see a fall theme in the box, I really really enjoyed the products. I will definitely use them all.  All the products are sustainable, reasonably packaged and served a definite purpose. I definitely feel that the box lived up to its mission of bringing a little bit of zen into our everyday life.

Yuzen review 1

The box comes beautifully packaged (definitely keeping the flower paper) and with a folded card with more information about the products and some additional coupon codes.

Yuzen review 2

My favorite product so far is the pureSol bamboo charcoal facial sponge. It can be used with or without a facial cleanser and it gently exfoliates. I’ve never tried anything like that before. I feel like it’s the perfect amount of exfoliation without hurting my skin. I tried using it with a facial cleanser but I feel like it didn’t really lather up and I prefer using it without anything. The cool thing is that the sponge can be composted in the end. I am definitely buying this product later on!

The Aromafloria Feet’s Sake Spa Foot Scrub is super minty and refreshing. It is a great exfoliating product and gets your feet ready for flip flop season. (See, this is why I don’t get the fall theme 😉 )

For the sweet tooth, the box also contained three hard candies from the brand Go Organic. They are vegan and gluten-free, which is amazing! I am personally not a big fan of hard candies, but my roomates enjoyed them very much.

Yuzen Review 3

The Florapy Beauty Floral Therapy Facial Sheet Sweet Dreams Mask is scented with essential lavender oils and was super gentle to my skin and perfectly calming. I have never used a sheet mask before, but this one definitely inspired me to try more…

Yuzen review 4

The Nubian Heritage Coconut and Papaya soap is another one of my favorites from this box. The smell is amazingly fruity and relaxing and it lathers up perfectly. I am so happy, there was a soap piece in this box because I feel like more people need to be motivated to use one of these over the liquid anti-bacterial soaps. I also really recommend you to check out their website. They have so many different lines of scents and products for all types of hair and skin. I might order there soon.

yuzen review 5

The Moondani Natural Breath Mist was another very exciting item for me. I have never used one because I found the idea of spraying a mix of chemicals into my mouth kind of repelling. This spray, however, is made of 100% natural and organic ingredients, so  I don’t have to worry about that anymore. I work in an environment where it’s not always possible/allowed to chew gum, therefore this is product is perfect for me!


The ESLOR Herbal Soothing Gel seems to be the highlight of the box with it’s value of 42$. It’s a soothing and hydrating gel on a aloe vera basis with a light, very pleasant smell. I think it is meant to be a daily moisturizer, but for my mixed, poorly balanced skin it is unfortunately not enough. However, it worked wonders on a sunburned face.

My final thoughts

To put it in a nutshell, the yuzen box is a great quarterly subscription box. It makes it easy to get started with natural and organic cosmetic and skin care products and provides some relaxing moments in your everyday life. The value you get for your money is incredible and totally worth it. Although I still have to figure out if it fits into my grad student budget 😉 .

I hope you enjoyed this review! This box was sent to me for reviewing purposes but all opinions expressed above are my own 🙂



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