5 Easy Christmas Card DIYs

[featured photo – Yvonne Heine]

Hi everyone,

this is kind of a different blog post than usually. I am participating in a pre-holiday blog train started by Anna from whenanna.com. We are five bloggers from different niches working together to publish five posts a week related to a certain holiday topic (see schedule at the end). This week’s theme are holiday DIYs.

I just recently moved from Germany to the US, meaning I left my whole family behind and during the holiday season I usually miss them the most. So I decided I would make my own Christmas cards this year and send them to my family. However, grad school keeps me more than busy, so I searched Pinterest for simple and easy ideas. I thought I’d share my favorites with you:

  1. Reindeer after the dark
    All you need for this one is some dark cardboard, wiggle eyes, a red sticker and some glue. I don’t think instructions are even necessary, but they are provided in this video.
    reindeer card
  2. Warmest Wishes
    I like the simple shapes of the trees, which can be easily cut out from scrap paper that you might have lying around. Add a stamp and some glue and you’re good to go. The idea for this card is from Lisa Spangler (Pinterest) who published it here.warmest-wishes800
  3. Tree silhouettes
    This one is probably my favorite one, so I might try to make this for my family. This card is actually for sale on the German version of Etsy. You can buy it right here. However, I think this would be fairly simple to make on your own as well.
  4. The world’s easiest snowman
    Full instructions for the world’s easiest snowman can be found here.
    snowman card
  5. The newspaper tree
    This idea is from a Swedish blog called grannemedselma so you might have difficulties understanding the instructions, but again the idea is fairly simple and probably doesn’t require a lot of instructions 😉tree card

That was my contribution to our collection of holiday themed DIYs. For the other posts check out the following blogs and stay tuned for next week’s holiday recipes.

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Friday: me 🙂

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