15 Things to do in Spring – Spring Bucket List

Hey everyone,

today I have a rather unusual post for this blog. Ever since I started going to a school with a quarter system, I started thinking more about my goals for that quarter and the corresponding season. So today I wanted to share some of my goals and ideas with you. Happy Spring!

  1. Go camping: It’s finally getting warmer and I am excited for plenty of outdoor activites. I am not the biggest camping pro out there but I do get excited about short weekend camping trips. I actually have two of those planned in the near future.
  2. Read in the park: I love reading and I set a quite ambitious reading goal for this year (see my reading list), so I am hoping to get some outside reading time in this spring. I also always have to read a bunch for school/ work and that is always a lot more fun if it can be done outside.
  3. Bike tour and ice cream: My bike is fixed and I have a long list of ice cream places I want to try in Santa Cruz and surrounding towns. Combining bike tours with some rewarding ice cream afterwards is one of my favorite combinations from my childhood.
  4. Picnic on the beach: I already had one picnic on the beach this year. On the dog beach, to be specific. Picnics are cheap, fun, and can involve an almost unlimited amount of people.
  5. Learn a new photography skill: I think spring is the perfect time to improve your photography skills. The weather is getting nice for landscape photography. There are plenty of flowers for macros and close-ups and it might even be warm enough to stay up all night and try some star photography.
  6. Have a BBQ: on my personal spring bucket list it says get a grill first. I’m keeping my eyes peeled on craigslist
  7. Go on a hike: Again, I believe spring is the best time for outdoor activities.
  8. Go to the farmers market and enjoy all the fresh produce and maybe get inspired to try something new.
  9. Discover a new state/ national park: There is nothing better than discovering something new and beautiful close to home.
  10. Go to a drive-in movie theater: I have never been to one but it sounds like so much fun. I recently gave my friend tickets for his birthday, so I hope we’ll get to go soon.
  11. Get plants and flowers for your house: Bring spring inside and make your home a happier place.
  12. Celebrate Earth day: Potentially by participating in the march of science or other events happening that day.
  13. Take a class that takes you outside: Maybe a photography class or a new sports class.
  14. Plan your summer vacation and get excited for summer!
  15. Plant something and get the reward for your work later in summer or fall.

My Personal Goals for Spring 2017:

  • My spring quarter is going to consist of a lot of teaching (Genetics) and consequently grading. I will also be taking a class for myself and I expect plenty of homework assignments. So these two things will be my priority in Spring Quarter. I probably won’t have a lot of time to get actual research done. However, I will have to get one grant application done somehow and attend a couple of conferences.
  • When I first moved into my room, last December, I put a lot of effort into making it nice and cozy but because of the lack of time, I never actually got to finish decorating my room. So this spring, I am going to try and find some art that I want to hang up in my room, print some more photos, and find some nice plants.
  • Our house has a big backyard and a nice porch and a lot of times we have friends over or organize house shows. The only thing that’s missing is a grill for a proper BBQ. So my goal is, to find a cheap grill on craigslist.
  • I finally got myself a tripod. Now, I want to make the time to use it for some awesome shots.


What’s on your spring bucket list?

15 Things to Do in Spring - Spring Bucket List
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