5+ Things to do in Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Hi everyone,
I am finally getting a chance to recap some of my trips this summer. My parents came to visit me in California for four weeks and we didn’t just want to stay here for the whole time, so we planned some mini-trips along the West Coast. Our first stop was Vancouver BC. Excitingly, this was my first time traveling to Canada and I loved every second of it.
We flew in from San Jose (still need to buy a carbon offset) and traveled on the light rail to our Airbnb. I feel like staying in an Airbnb is one of the eco-friendlier ways of lodging, especially since we had our own apartment and could do our own thing. We explored the city by walking, using public transit where necessary, and by bike.

 My recommendations:

  1. Biking in Stanley Park
    This was probably my favorite activity. You can rent bikes all over downtown. I found that comparing the prices can really make a difference. There are also horse-drawn carriages and a little train that lead tours through the park if biking isn’t for you. It took us quite a while to figure out that the majority of the bike path around the park is a one-way street. So it was a little stressful and confusing at first, but later the views were really nice and we manage to find some geocaches on the way as well.biking in stanley park, vancouver
  2. Canada Place
    Maybe Canada Place was especially exciting because we were in Vancouver briefly before the 150th-anniversary celebrations started and everything was decorated. A couple of people recommended the FlyOver Canada experience but we decided to save that money (check Groupon, if you’re interested in this attraction) and rather enjoy the view and watch some ocean cruise leave the harbor.
  3. Granville Island Public Market
    I was really excited for this and the market did not disappoint. We barely managed to take any photos because we were quite overwhelmed by everything the vendors had to offer. I actually enjoyed this market a lot more than the Pike Place Market in Seattle. The area was way more spacious, it is more or less a whole island. The food market was confined to a couple of buildings but arts and crafts were all over the island and a beautiful multi store toy market was there as well.
    granville island public market
  4. Gastown
    Gastown is Vancouver’s oldest neighborhood and it is beautiful. I really enjoyed just walking around and taking in the old architecture. The steam clock that makes Vancouver’s Gastown so famous is nice to look at as well and sounds very different than I expected. Here ar
    e also plenty of tourist shops, in case you need to pick up some maple syrup. I also really enjoyed the cute restaurants and coffee shops in this area.

    steam clock, vancouver
    Steam Clock by masatoshi_ (CC BY 2.0)

More places to explore in and around Vancouver

I didn’t have time to explore all of these options. My friend who used to live in Vancouver gave me a bunch more tips and I’d like to pass them on to you:

  • Barkerville, a gold rush town 6 hours away from Vancouver
  • Fort Langley, 1 hours away from Vancouver
  • Golden Ears Park for camping and hikes
  • Grouse Mountain
  • Lynn Valley Canyon for hiking and the Lynn Valley Suspension Bridge

    lynn canyon suspension bridge
    Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge by Colin Knowles (CC BY-SA 2.0)
  • Garibaldi Lake for hiking
  • Whistler
  • Squamish, hike The Chief
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