What happened in May 2018

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Hi everyone,
I decided to start a new blog series, where I review the last month. That way you can read more of what I have been up to, even if it doesn’t fit into the categories travel or eco-lifestyle. I am also heavily considering expanding my blog categories to some of what you will read below. So what happened in May?

A lot of science

I am a grad student in Molecular Biology and currently in my second year, which has a lot of milestones and hurdles in it. So last month, I had just passed my qualifying exam, which is probably the biggest milestone aside from the actual dissertation. So this month, I was still kind of recovering from that. I also have my third-year talk coming up. That’s a seminar I have to give in front of the department and it is part of my requirements for advancing to candidacy. As an international student, I have to satisfy these requirements early. It is actually very unusual to give this talk so quickly after the qualifying exam. So I didn’t really get to take a break in May, I had to keep working on my research to prepare some data for the talk.

Hiking in Point Lobos

One of my goals (I don’t like “new years resolutions”, hence “goals) for this year was to go hiking more often. And while I managed to go on a hike every weekend in January, I eventually had to prioritize my grad school work for quite a long time. But this hike was one of my rewards for passing my qualifying exams. It was easily one of the most beautiful coastal hikes that I have ever been on and I need to write a separate blog post about it!

Point Lobos - yoursjuliet.com

Kayaking & Whale Watching

My school offers a lot of recreational activities like this Whale Watching Kayaking Tour. I had been on kayaking tours with this company before and it has been so much fun. This was my first time kayaking on the open ocean and it was definitely a different and slightly more challenging experience but I loved it nonetheless. We spotted a humpback whale pretty much as soon as we were far enough from the shore and in the kayaks we were flexible enough to just follow it around. I have never been so close to a whale before!

My first Paint Night

Another first! I got cheap-ish Paint Nite tickets via groupon and turned this event in a nice ladies night. I love painting but usually lack the inspiration and techniques to paint by myself, so I really liked this idea. However, I do feel like this event is completely overpriced (when bought at regular ticket price, no drinks included!!) and it’s actually not a very creative process. You can only get the colors that are necessary for the painting that is planned for the evening and you have very little room for experimentation.


How was your May?


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