Photo Walk: Point Lobos State Reserve, California

Point Lobos -

Hi everyone,
I only managed to go on one hike last month, but it was an amazing one! I finally made it down to Point Lobos and spent pretty much the whole day there hiking as many trails as possible. Here are some of my highlights:

All the coastal trails

The hikes are pretty easy in terms of terrain and have very little change in elevation. That makes it really easy to just keep going. Combining a couple of trails will allow you to enjoy as much of the coastal views as possible.

Point Lobos -

The Whaling Station Museum

I’m not a marine biologist or zoologist by any means but I think it is always interesting to pop into these little state park museums and talk to the rangers about what is going on in the park. They showed us different birds that were nesting in trees nearby, told us about the new harbor seal pups and the protection and habits of sea otters. Super interesting and free!

Tide pools

I’ve only known them from the magical school bus books so far. How was it possible to live on the central coast for almost two years without ever seeing any tide pools? Well, this hike fixed it, I finally got to see some and was so amazed, I didn’t even remember to take photos. Apparently, there are multiple locations of tide pools in Point Lobos State Reserve. I went to see them at Weston Beach. More information can be found here.

Point Lobos -

Bird island & China Cove

There is a trail that leads directly to both of these sites and it’s under a mile round trip. Some parts are also wheelchair accessible. The Bird Island is obviously named for the large colonies of birds such as cormorants, gulls, and pelicans that you can observe here. Even better than that were the large groups of harbor seals with their newborns on the beach around China Cove!

Harbor Seals - Point Lobos -


Some tips for your visit to the Point Lobos State Reserve

  • Parking is 10$ per car (reduced prices for senior citizens and cars with disabled passes)
  • The parking lots in the park fill up pretty quickly but there is also plenty of parking along Highway 1 around the park.
  • There are some wheelchair accessible trails, restrooms and picnic areas throughout the park.
  • For park maps and more information click here.

Hiking in Point Lobos, California -

Yours, Juliet

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