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My Wishlist: Conscious clothing

Hi everyone,

I never was a fashion blogger and I never will be. My sense for fashionable outfits is pretty weak and I usually wear casual and comfy outfits. Nonetheless, I enjoy picking out new clothes, especially online. After reading a lot about the zero-waste and other environmentally-friendly movements, I was looking for conscious clothing choices especially. Here are my current favorites!

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One big update

Hi everyone,

it’s been forever that I published something here. This is mostly due to plenty of things happening out there in the world and me struggling to keep up. However, now I am taking a little break from all of this so I finally have time to fill you in on all the big news.

First of all, the very obvious change: I switched to a self-hosted blog with a new design. So from now on the URL is even easier to remember. It’s just Now, there are still some minor design flaws roaming this site but so many people advised me to make the switch rather sooner than later. So apologies if something is not working correctly just yet. Let me know about it and I will try to fix it asap.

Second, I basically finished up my Master’s program. I recently handed in my thesis and now I am just waiting for the defense to be over (which won’t be until mid-September). This means my days are not filled with scientific writing and graph making any more and can now be filled (at least partly) with blog post writing and photo editing.

And last but certainly not least, I AM MOVING TO CALIFORNIA! I am still having trouble believing it since everything happened so fast. I got into grad school in Santa Cruz ,where I will be starting mid-September already. So there are some stressful but also very exciting times ahead of me. I’m excited to go back to all the places I loved so much, discover new ones, and blog about it all.

Also, I will try to use my time off to catch up with blog posts that I meant to write ages ago. So as you’re reading this, I might be working on my Bay Area bucket list or the next posts about Prague, Lisbon, and Porto.

Hope you like the new design!


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How to deal with culture shock and homesickness

Hi everyone,
let’s talk about feelings today: especially the nasty ones that come along with homesickness and experiencing culture shock. These are the things everyone who moves to a foreign country has to deal with sooner or later and to different extents of course. However, I feel like everyone gets overwhelmed by these feelings at some point. I myself had a rather mild case of culture shock and barely experienced any homesickness. It did kick me in the butt, though, as soon as everything wasn’t all smiles and sunshine (especially when I had the flu over Christmas and had to stay in my bed for a week). In order to make it easier for other exchange students or expats to deal with these nasty feelings, I collected my tips and tricks of how to handle culture shock and homesickness.
  1. Be aware of the phenomenon culture shock: Do your research and learn about the different stages. That alone can make it easier to deal with, because you know that another phase will come up soon and change everything again.
  2.  Accept it: Don’t deny it, think about what phase you’re actually in, and remember that you’re not the only one experiencing this phenomenon.
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Chocolatiers Fassbender & Rausch in Berlin

[featured photo by Caribb  Creative Commons]
Hi everyone,


today I have a different kind of post for you. Instead of giving you top 5 or 10 of anything, I just wanted to share a fun experience with you. Over the easter weekend I had friends in town, so we went out exploring together. I always enjoy these visits, because usually my friends have a few ideas about where to go and then I get to check out some new spots in Berlin.
That’s exactly how it was this time. After I showed my girls my favorite spots in Berlin, and then they told me about the Chocolatiers Fassbender&Rausch they’ve read about on the internet. So we went to see their shop and restaurant at the Gendarmenmarkt.
2016-03-25 16.55.43
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Travel books worth reading

Hi everyone,

I am constantly looking for the next book to read, especially before my next trip. I hope some of you feel the same, because I have collected my favorite travel-related books of all time for you. I hope, you’ll enjoy them as much as I did. Let me know, which books are your favorites 🙂

  1. Bill Bryson, Notes from a small Island (Reif für die Insel): This is the first travel-related book I have ever read, which is probably why it is so dear to me. I got it from my great uncle after telling him about planning my first ever solo trip, which I wanted to spend in the UK. After reading this book, I wanted to reread it immediately and plan out the exact same itinerary that Bill Bryson followed as he traveled around the UK. This trip never happened, but it definitely stoked my excitement for travel. It would recommend it to anyone, who is interested in the UK and intrigued by Bill Bryson’s exquisite style of writing.
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My year in travel – 2015

Hi everyone,
as this year is certainly coming to an end, I want to look back for a minute or two and remember all the fun things that I did and discovered this year. Hope you’re joining me on the ride!

4 new and foreign cities, 3 new capitals and 3 new countries. (And so much more.)

I can’t even tell you, which of the trips I found most exciting. They were all awesome and I got to discover new things everywhere. However, my trip through Denmark to Oslo in Norway was special, since I got to meet up with so many of my international friends along the way. Since I have so much to tell you about this trip, I am still working on individual blog posts about each of the cities that I saw. I will, of course, link them here as soon as they’re up. The post about Copenhagen is already up. You can find it here.

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How to survive Christmas without your family (and away from home)

Hi everyone,

since Christmas is near and I remember quite clearly how it was to spend my first Christmas without my family two years ago, I wanted to collect some tips for all the people out there who are currently on exchange or away from their families for other reasons.

  1. Celebrate anyways: I know the temptation to just skip the holidays it definitely there. Don’t do it, it will feel wrong as well. Instead, find ways to make it a happier time for yourself.
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