A Weekend Escape to Hamburg, Germany

Hi everyone,

unfortunately, I am under a lot of pressure coming from my studies and the whole application process that I am currently in. Therefore, I wasn’t able to write up all the things I wanted to share with you this week (like a link up post about my hometown, things to do in certain cities, and an essay about the question “where is home?”. Instead, I have a little something for you that I wrote, when I first wanted to start my blog back in December last year. This is a recap of a truly whimsical weekend in Hamburg. Enjoy!

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Liebster Award

Hi everyone,

I recently got nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely Samantha from graceloveandcoffee.com. You should head over there, read about her beautiful family life, and say hi!

But what is the Liebster Award actually? It is an award for newbie bloggers, who have less than 200 followers, which is meant to connect bloggers with each other and give the readers the opportunity of finding new blogs and getting to know their owners. To help this, Samantha asked her nominees 10 questions that I will be answering in a second. Then, I will nominate my favorite new blogs in the area of travel and lifestyle and will ask their owners 10 more questions. Enjoy!

Samantha asked:

1. What fueled your desire for a blog?
I wanted to start a blog for two reasons: 1. I wanted to record my travels and use my photos in some way. For the longest time in my life I have tried to keep diaries and photo books and none of this has ever worked for me. So I decided to blog about it, because this way other people can profit from it as well. 2. I felt the need to write about my study abroad year (you can read the first blog post of many to come here). Of course, I want to give tips to people who are interested in going abroad or even planning it already, but I also want to inform about the downside, the obstacles, and the not so pleasant things that can happen and how to overcome them. A lot of stuff happened during my time abroad and even after my return and I wanted to share.
2. What kind of niche do you have & why?
My niche is a mix of travel and lifestyle ramblings. The main reason for that would be my love for traveling and my inability to write short blog posts 😉
3. Least favorite household chore?
Ironing my clothes. Meeh, definitely the most boring thing ever. That’s why I rarely ever iron anything.
4. Coffee or tea?
Coffee. Coffee. Coffee
5. When do you work best?
At night, when it is dark and quiet and nothing is distracting me. I am probably most productive between midnight and 3 AM. The problem is, my med school teachers like to give their lectures very early in the morning. Needless to say that it doesn’t work very well for me, but coffee is keeping me alive most of the times.
6. Favorite time of year?
This is a hard one for me. I usually want the exact opposite of what I have at the moment, but I actually like something about every season. I just can’t deal with the dark winters in Berlin anymore.
7. Where do find your inspiration?
Outside. The best blogging ideas come to me on my walk home from school or while I am in a park or in the woods.
8. Married, dating, or single?
Single – and very content about it.
9. Favorite tv show right now?
Californication. I talked about it in my recent August Favorites post. Definitely NC-17, but funny and everything but shallow.
10. If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?
The civil war situation in Syria and the surrounding countries.

On to a happier subject: Here are my five travel and lifestyle blog nominees. Definitely check them out, they are all awesome!

  1. Kristen @ thisuglybeautifulcity.com
  2. Kerstin @ missgetaway.com
  3. Cailyn @ champagnecailyn.com 
  4. Lexis @ lexmeetsworld.blogspot.de
  5. Jorge & Claudia @ couplertw.com

And my questions for them:

  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2. What is your favorite travel destination you’ve been to so far?
  3. How many languages do you speak?
  4. Where do you see your blog and yourself in six months?
  5. What is your favorite book of all time?
  6. What item does always come with you when you’re traveling?
  7. What is your happiest memory?
  8. What is the one thing you wish you could tell your teenage self?
  9. Who is your personal superhero?
  10. What was your worst travel experience?

Have fun discovering more new blogs!
Yours, Juliet


August Favorites

Hi everyone,

my first full month of blogging is now officially over and it has been so much fun. I have received so much support and kind words from you, that I decided to spread a little love myself. Here is the first edition of my monthly favorites from all across the internet. Not everything is travel related, but I thought you might like it anyway. Enjoy!

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100 Things to do in Berlin – Berlin Bucket List

Hi everyone,
since school started already for me, I am back in Berlin now. I have a love-hate relationship with this city. The winters are horrible, the summers are awesome, and it is always stressful for me. In order to turn this love-hate relationship into a love-love relationship and to make the most of my (probably) last year in this beautiful city, I decided to come up with a Berlin bucket list. Some of the things are already checked off, but I wanted to share them with you anyways. Maybe this list is helpful for any Berlin bound travelers. Enjoy!

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My Summer Highlights – Link up

It is time for another link up with Kiki from initstimeblog.com. The blogging prompt that she and her co-host Leelee came up with is once again perfect for me: Summer Highlights. Unfortunately, this is my last week of summer vacation before I have to go back to Berlin for school and work. Although I have a serious case of wanderlust, I didn’t do a lot of traveling. Except for a quick little trip for London, I “just” went back to my hometown to stay with my family for several weeks. I needed a break from all the stress in the last year and I also haven’t spent a lot of time with my family in the last two years. Enough with the rambling, let’s get started with my personal summer highlights!

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The Girl behind the blog

Hi there,

today I am participating in a link-up for the first time. I found this link-up, called the Circle, which is a bunch of beautiful, strong, and inspiring women. The prompt idea is “Blogger Introductions”, which I think fits very well since I haven’t introduced myself yet. So I thought, I should overcome my doubts and start writing.

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24 before 24

Photographed by Amy Zhang
Photographed by Amy Zhang

It was my 23rd birthday just a couple of days ago and shortly before midnight, my roommate asked me a question I’ve never been asked before: What do you want to achieve in within your next year of life? One might think this would be quite a common question, but especially recently everyone just asked me about my plans for my career etc. So I thought, maybe it’s time to think of wishes and plans that have nothing to do with my career and that’s how I came up with this list. There are quite a few career things on the list (I can’t help it!), but a lot more personal things:

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How studying abroad changed me

Adapted from original: “Reading” byMoyan Bren, used under CC BY
Adapted from original: “Reading” by Moyan Bren, used under CC BY

First of all, the obvious things: My appearance changed. I lost weight, my hair is lighter and longer and I looked more tanned in the end. The latter vanished pretty quickly and, unfortunately, it seems like the weight thing is changing back, too. So I guess, changes in appearance don’t count 😀

What does count though, is the change in my attitude, the way I perceive myself, and the way others perceive me.

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