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Chocolatiers Fassbender & Rausch in Berlin

[featured photo by Caribb  Creative Commons]
Hi everyone,


today I have a different kind of post for you. Instead of giving you top 5 or 10 of anything, I just wanted to share a fun experience with you. Over the easter weekend I had friends in town, so we went out exploring together. I always enjoy these visits, because usually my friends have a few ideas about where to go and then I get to check out some new spots in Berlin.
That’s exactly how it was this time. After I showed my girls my favorite spots in Berlin, and then they told me about the Chocolatiers Fassbender&Rausch they’ve read about on the internet. So we went to see their shop and restaurant at the Gendarmenmarkt.
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10 Things to do in Heidelberg

[featured photo by Chris Goldberg Creative Commons]

Hi everyone,

this is a (late) article for the September Linkup over at Kiki’s Blog (this month together with Dave and Beka from The prompt was to blog about our hometowns and I decided to take a little bit of a different spin on it and make it into a travel post. Also, Heidelberg is not exactly my hometown, but at this point I am not really comfortable with talking about the little village I was raised in (you would basically know my address then). However, I spend most of my life in the area around Heidelberg, studied there, and I tend to refer to it as my hometown. So here are ten things you shouldn’t miss when you’re visiting this beautiful city. Enjoy!

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A Weekend Escape to Hamburg, Germany

Hi everyone,

unfortunately, I am under a lot of pressure coming from my studies and the whole application process that I am currently in. Therefore, I wasn’t able to write up all the things I wanted to share with you this week (like a link up post about my hometown, things to do in certain cities, and an essay about the question “where is home?”. Instead, I have a little something for you that I wrote, when I first wanted to start my blog back in December last year. This is a recap of a truly whimsical weekend in Hamburg. Enjoy!

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