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Oslo in Photos

Hi everyone,

I posted my travel tips for Oslo a few weeks ago, but I didn’t want to squeeze all my photos in that post. So here is a follow up with a bunch of additional photos. Unfortunately, there are all taken with my phone. I promise I’ll get back to using my DSLR soon!

2015-05-28 11.45.10_lzn

I actually thought this beautiful building was a hostel, but it turned out to be an advertisement company. Too bad, I would have gladly stayed there.

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Things to do in Oslo, Norway

Hi everyone,
it been a while and I am very sorry about that. I started working in a new research institute in order to write my Master thesis and I have been a little overwhelmed by the crazy hours. But now I am back and ready to ease back into it. I am really excited to tell you about my recent trip to Portugal, but I decided to finish my little Scandinavia series first.
And therefore I’ll proudly present to you my five sightseeing tips for Oslo:
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