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Reading Challenge: 10 books to read this year

10 books to read in 2017
Hi everyone,
I am addicted to and I am a big fan of making my list of books I want to read longer and longer. However, grad school usually gets the better of me and I rarely ever finish a book. So this year I decided to participate in the goodreads reading challenge and read a book every month. I am already hopelessly behind but I just started taking advantage of the offers on amazon where you can add the audiobook for a couple dollars to your ebook purchase. That way I managed to sneak in a lot more reading time in my daily routine. To keep me motivated, I picked 10 books from my long reading list that I want to tackle this year. I feel like it is a good mix of young adult, non-fiction, new and classic books. I’m sure there is something on the list for everyone. Enjoy!

My books for 2017:

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Travel books worth reading

Hi everyone,

I am constantly looking for the next book to read, especially before my next trip. I hope some of you feel the same, because I have collected my favorite travel-related books of all time for you. I hope, you’ll enjoy them as much as I did. Let me know, which books are your favorites 🙂

  1. Bill Bryson, Notes from a small Island (Reif für die Insel): This is the first travel-related book I have ever read, which is probably why it is so dear to me. I got it from my great uncle after telling him about planning my first ever solo trip, which I wanted to spend in the UK. After reading this book, I wanted to reread it immediately and plan out the exact same itinerary that Bill Bryson followed as he traveled around the UK. This trip never happened, but it definitely stoked my excitement for travel. It would recommend it to anyone, who is interested in the UK and intrigued by Bill Bryson’s exquisite style of writing.
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