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5+ Things to do in Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Hi everyone,
I am finally getting a chance to recap some of my trips this summer. My parents came to visit me in California for four weeks and we didn’t just want to stay here for the whole time, so we planned some mini-trips along the West Coast. Our first stop was Vancouver BC. Excitingly, this was my first time traveling to Canada and I loved every second of it.
We flew in from San Jose (still need to buy a carbon offset) and traveled on the light rail to our Airbnb. I feel like staying in an Airbnb is one of the eco-friendlier ways of lodging, especially since we had our own apartment and could do our own thing. We explored the city by walking, using public transit where necessary, and by bike.

 My recommendations:

  1. Biking in Stanley Park
    This was probably my favorite activity. You can rent bikes all over downtown. I found that comparing the prices can really make a difference. There are also horse-drawn carriages and a little train that lead tours through the park if biking isn’t for you. It took us quite a while to figure out that the majority of the bike path around the park is a one-way street. So it was a little stressful and confusing at first, but later the views were really nice and we manage to find some geocaches on the way as well.biking in stanley park, vancouver

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10 Things to do in Heidelberg


[featured photo by Chris Goldberg Creative Commons]

Hi everyone,
this is a (late) article for the September Linkup over at Kiki’s Blog (this month together with Dave and Beka from The prompt was to blog about our hometowns and I decided to take a little bit of a different spin on it and make it into a travel post. Also, Heidelberg is not exactly my hometown, but at this point I am not really comfortable with talking about the little village I was raised in (you would basically know my address then). However, I spend most of my life in the area around Heidelberg, studied there, and I tend to refer to it as my hometown. So here are ten things you shouldn’t miss when you’re visiting this beautiful city. Enjoy!

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